My Protein Whey Impact Isolate 2.5kg


My Protein Whey Impact Isolate 2.5kg

900,000 IDR


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    Product details

    Whey protein Isolate has the highest amount of protein per serving (90%) including minimal fat and lactose with essential and non-essential amino acids, additionally impact whey isolate has the highest Biological Value of all proteins.

    Cross-Flow Micro-filtration takes place removing all fat cholesterol and lactose to leave the leanest protein source possible. Impact Whey Isolate, made from vegetarian sweet cheese, is the easiest and most convenient source of protein, with no preparation of food needed. Most individuals will crave something sweet, like a chocolate bar or sweets, but the sweet taste of the impact whey protein will satisfy your cravings.

    To ensure our products are the best quality we use the world leading manufacturers for fine powders and rich flavours, with the highest amino profile available.

    The protein fractions are: 47% Beta lactoglobulin, 17% Alpha lactalbumin, 1.5% Bovine serum albumin,2% Immunoglobulin G, 0.5% Lactoferrin, 27% Glycomacropeptide.

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